Et udvalg af masker, rekvisitter, dukker og mindre scenografier designet og bygget til diverse teatre.
A selection of masks, props, puppets and small sets designed and build for various theatres.
Mirror costume: 3d print, neopren, plastic mirror / Concept: Christian Albrechtsen:
Puppets: Foam, feathers, etc
Mr. Pig: Neopren
Puppets: Misc. materials
The Little Prince: Misc. materials / Costume assistance: Camilla Lind
62 heads: latex, balloons, tape, mdf etc
Hand puppets: Misc. materials / Costume assistance: Camilla Lind, Siri Dalsgaard Jepsen
Swans: different foams, oilcloth, plastic sheet etc. / Assistance: Camilla Lind, Siri Dalsgaard Jepsen
Heart: Crabby Halloween heart, rubber gloves, toilet paper, latex, paint
Dioramas: Lego, glue, computer keyboards, suitcases
Moon: LED orb, wax
Space Helmet: Motorcycle helmet, bike wheel, Tamiya Smoke paint, bits & pieces / Costume assistance: Sophie Bellin
Hand puppets: Foam sheets, paint, fabric
Masks: Neoprene, paint
Drums: plywood, paints, drums
"The Body": plastic tubes, tape, velcro
Set: Green carpet, dirt, old planks & boards
AK-47: Bits & pieces
Mask: latex, paint
Puppets: Canvas, iron-on prints
Mask: Polystyren, photocopies, latex
Footprint: madrasses, paint, old planks